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mighty Q-arshasp, he summoned Malik Zada to his presence;
By the order of that king of the fortunate star, Malik
Bukn-ud-Din and Malik Qujb-ul-mulk marched towards
Kampila twice, (and) being defeated, they turned their backs
on both the occasions. On the third occasion, Malik Zada
caine from the court of the king against that fort..........(three
couplets omitted)..........   In short, when Malik Zada marched
with the army, he went to Kummata at once. He moved
forward, according to the custom of commanders-in-chief, with
men of distinction and heroes. Grarshasp and Kampila who
were united in mind and spirit came out to the field of battle
twice or thrice, but being defeated remained finally within the
fort. Blood was shed there for a month or two ; and tumult
arose from inside and outside (the fort). When the condition of
the garrison came to a crisis, the besiegers became bold in
fighting. One day, the commander of the king of Hindustan,
whose counsel was pleasing to his master, assembled all the
men of the army in the place of battle. After some time,
that illustrious knight hurled the ranks of the assailants into
the fort. The warriors ran in from every direction,,and entered
the fort, forcing their way with daggers.
Ibid, pp. 414-15.
At the time when Baha-ud-Din and Kampila saw that
the fort had passed from their hands, one day, they left the fort
and went towards hills and forests. They went to Hosdurg in
pain and vexation with a revengeful army behind them (in
pursuit); and they gave battle in that fort for one month, with
arrows, spears, darts, and stones. One day, the whole army
shot forth and forced their way into the fort. The earth fell
into confusion and the air was filled with dust When the
knight, Garshasp, saw this upheaval, he meditated flight from
(considerations of) prudence. At that juncture he botm$ tlirefe
or four horses firmly together, and brought them dowft frbfii